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Interesting Facts

At Mr. Ollivanders Harry Potter picked a wand when the wand accepted Harry as its owner the wand let out gold and red sparks, those are the colors of Gryfinndor.

In the beginning of Book 1 Hagrid put s Harry Potter on the footstep of 4 Private Drive, while McGonnagal, Hagrid, and Dumbledore talk about people, great wizards and withches that Voldermort killed someone mentions The Bones'. A girl named Susan Bones is drafted into Hufflepuff in Harry's first year, so she is in the same year he is.   

After the end of Book 2 Dumbledore realeases that Harry pulled out Godric Gryfinndor's sword. So dumbledore says: "Only a true Gryfindorr could have pulled that out of the hat."

At the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Dumbledore asks someone to get Arabelle Figg, among others. Ms. Figg is the one who Harry Potter always has to stay with when the Dursleys go on holiday.

       Tim Brown says:
An interesting fact to put on your site is that in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Book 1) the words on the mirror of Erised are, if you look at them "backwards" or through a mirror, Ishow no tyo urfac ebu tyo urhe arts desire, or I show not your face but your hearts desire.

Tim Brown