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      Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix's Delayed
                                        Publishing Date                      

All right Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix's Publishing date I believe was supposed to have been the Summer of 2001 but that is not happening. Then J. K. Rowling said she plans to finish the book before the end of 2002. So there was then rumours about Book 5 coming out in the summer of 2002. But then I heard about
J. K. Rowling confirming that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was coming out in November 2001 to correspond with the Harry Potter Movie. That is what I believe Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is coming out in November 2001. Hopefully my website will keep you satisfied until Book 5 comes out!

Harry Potter's Attitude and Being in Books 1-4

I noticed that Harry Potter completly changed in Books 1-4 maybe its because he's growing up and getting well adjusted to Hogwarts. Anyhow in Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone Harry Potter was kind and strong. I especially like the ending of the book when Harry goes to retrieve the Socerer's Stone even though he might have been expelled to save the Magic World as we know it by stopping Volderrmort from taking control. Then in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets the way Harry Potter fights for Ginny Weasly and specificilly does not tell Dumbledore about Ginny Weasly's involvement in the ordeal of the Chamber of Secrets. Then in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban the way Harry Potter stands up fo Bukbeak the Hipogrif and saves Sirius Black I really like. But in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Harry seems to change. For example I think Harry Potter should of visited Moaning Myrtle more often. And the way Harry lied about the Second Task... But I think J. K. Rowling redeemed Harry by Harry Potter giving his 1,000 galleon Tri-Wizard winnings to Fred & George Weasly. I myself probably wouldn't have given oup that kind of money. I think Harry Potter is a great person and with all the abnormal pressure he is always facing, Harry Potter is an above-average person.

Harry Potter and ther Sorcerer's Stone: The Movie

On November 16, 2001 one of the biggest movies in the history of children's entertainment came out: Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone. From the minute this movie hit the theaters it was BIG. The multi million dollar movie was and is excellent, glowing, raving reviews everywhere you turn. I even think the soundtrack is wonderful! Daniel Radcliff plays his part excellently. All though I  have spotted a few minor mistakes in the movie, for example in the movie Hagrid's hut is stone, in the book it is wooden. The movie is a good 2 and 1/2 hours so sit back and enjoy. Overall the movie is sure to make any sensible Harry Potter fan proud, it is truly worth your time, and money.

         Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
     Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is going to be one of the most influential Harry potter books of the whole series. Now, many of you have asked me about when it will be released. Back in the year 2000, when Book 4 came out, we all excepteced the book to be published sometime in the summer of 2001. This of course, has not happened.
      Then, we all predicted that Harry Potter and the Order of phoenix would be released in the summer of 2002. Will this happen?
      The answer is: Probably not. J.K. Rowling has an incredible work load and, after all, she has a young daughter and has just remarried. She is adjusting.
       In a press conference Rowling said Book 5 still has to be worked on.
       The New York Times reported that  Book 5 would be released no latter then the summer of 2003. That is over a year from now.
       Rowling's agent told the word that there was a good chance Book 5  would be ready by the end of 2002. This, in my opinion, is rubbish.
   So, what do I think?
   Well, I have many thoughts on the matter. I know how difficult it is to write a book. Look at it this way: How may of you have ever written a book report or project. Remember, how long it took for you to complete it and how hard you had to work to get it done just right., Well, that is "kinda" like what J.K. Rowling is going through. But by now you probably just want me to shut up and tell you when I think Book 5 is going to be released so I will:
 I think Harry Potter and the Order of the  Phoenix will be released:

June-July, 2003     

I know that is hard to swallow, for me at least it is. How will I ever be able to survive another year without Harry Potter, well hopefully this website will help you.