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    1.) Who is Mrs. Figg?

    2.) Why is Hagrid so abnormally big?

    3.) What are the colors of Gryfinndor?

    4.) What does the "J." stand for in J. K. Rowling?

    5.) What are the colors of Slytherin?

    6.) What is a Pasltlemouth?

    7.) How did Moaning Murtle die?

    8.) Where was Quidditch invented?

    9.) Why can't Nearly Headless Nick join the Headless Hunt?

  10.) Who does Harry have a crush on?
  11.) Which is the most dangerous dragon?

  12.) Is Argus Filch a squib?

  13.) What is the only thing that peeves compliently obeys?

  14.) What is the pet Phoenix in Dumbledore's office named?

  15.) What does a Dementor's kiss do?

  16.) What did Snape do to redeem himself from being a Death-Eater?

  17.) What was the last name of the Hogwarts Haedmaster before Dumbledore?

  18.) What is the magical crature is the Snitch based on?

  19.) Who mails Harry Potter the invisibility cloak?

  20.) Who is Padfoot?

  21.) Who is Prongs?

  22.) Who is Moony?

  23.) Who is Wormtail?

  24.) What does Professor Trelawny teach?

  25.) What did Albus Dumbledore teach before he became Headmaster?

  26.) Who made the Mauraders Map?

  27.) What two people gave the Mauraders map to Harry Potter?

  28.) Why was the Whomping Willow planted?

  29.) What kind of car did Mr. Weasly bewitch to fly?

  30.) What happened to Neville Longbottom's parents?

  31.) What house is Roger Davis from?

  32.) What house was Dumbledore from?

  33.) Who is the current Depbuty Haedmistresses at Hogwarts?

  34.) Did Harry Potter's father play quidditch?

  35.) What is Harry Potter's owl's name?

  36.) Who is Harry Potter's god-father?

  37.) What was Voldermort's real name?

  38.) Who is Winky?

  39.) Does a unicorn prefer a man's toch or a woman's touch?

  40.) What are muggles?

  41.) What are sqiubs?

  42.) What are "mudbloods"?

  43.) Who are the two people Harry Potter hangs out with the most?

  44.) What position does Harry Potter play in Quidditch?

  45.) Who is the current Minister of Magic?

  46.) What is an animagus?

  47.) Who are five animagi?

  48.) What color is the Hogwarts Express?

  49.) What is the name of the pet owl Sirus Black gave to Ron?

  50.) What class does Snape really want to teach?

  51.) What was under Quirrels turban?

  52.) What is Ron's favorite Quidditch team?

  53.) Who is Victor Krum?

  54.) What two people tie for first place in the Tri-Wizard Tournament's Third Task?

  55.) How did Harry Potter get the scar on his forhead?

  56.) What does the scar on Harry's forehead look like?

  57.) Is  the real Mad-Eye Moody an auora?

  58.) What is a Death-Eater?

  59.) Is Voldermort good or bad?

  60.) In what book does Harry Potter ride the Knight Bus?  

  61.) At first what did Harry Potter think Sirius Black was in his transformed state?

  62.) How many houses are there at Hogwarts?

  63.) Who are four Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers?

  64.) Who is Fluffy?

  65.) Who is Madam Maxime?

  66.) Can a hippogriff fly?

  67.) What are two brooms that Harry Potter has owned or is crrently owning?

  68.) What can the Socerer's Stone do?

  69.) What was Hagrids pet dragon's name?

  70.) What is Hagrid's first name?

  71.) What is Azkaban?

  72.) Who are the only known people to have escaped from Azkaban?

  73.) Who are the guards in Azkaban?

  74.) Can a Dementor see you.?

  75.) Are Fred and George Weasley identical twins?

  76.) Whose pet snake is Nagini?

  77.) Is Fleur Delacour part Villa?  

  78.) Is Harry Potter friends with Draco Malfoy?

  79.) Who is Harry's Potter's mother?

  80.) What are the three Unforgivable Curses?

  81.) Who are the four champions (participents) in the Tri-Wizard Tournament?

  82.) Has Harry Potter ever used the Polyjuice potion?

  83.) What does the Wolfsbane potion do?

  84.) Is Lord Voldermort a pure-blood wizard?

  85.) What is the incantation you must say to do the Summmoning Charm?

  86.) In Book 2 what was the main thing the Mandrakes did?

  87.) Who is Percy's girlfriend?

  88.) Who did Ron Weasley have a crush on in the 4th book?

  89.) What were the Bulgarian Quidditch team mascots at the Quidditch World Cup?

  90.) What were the Irish Quidditch team mascots at the Quidditch World Cup?

  91.) Who is Harry's favorite Quidditsh Team?

  92.) Who usaully referees the Quidditch games at Hogwarts?

  93.) What position does Oliver Wood play in Quidditch?

  94.) Who does Hermione dance with at the Yuld Ball?

  95.) Who does Dumbledore dance with at the Yule Ball?

  96.) Why can't muggle devices work at Hogwarts?

  97.) Can you apparate or disapperate on Hogwarts grounds?

  98.) What is Dumbledore's favorite type of music?

  99.) Did James Potter like Severus Snape?

100.) What is the Hogwarts motto?