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Quiz Answers

   1.) Mrs. Figg is Harry Potter's neighbor who Harry often has to stay with when the
        Dursleys go on Holiday.        

    2.) Hagrid is abnormally big because he is half Giant.              

    3.) The colors of Gryfinndor are red and gold.

    4.) The "J" in J. K. Rowling stands for Joanne.

    5.) The colors of Slytherin are green and silver.

    6.) A pastlemouth is someone who can talk to snakes.
    7.) Moaning Murtle died because she looked into the eyes of a Basilisk, very     
    8.) Quidditch was invented in Queer ditch Marsh.

    9.) Nearly Headless cannot join the Headless Hunt because ha is not headless.

  10.) Harry has a crush on Cho Chang.

  11.) The most dangerous dragon is the Hungarian Horntail.

  12.) Yes, Argus Filch is a squib.

  13.) The only thing Peeves compliently obeys is the Bloody Baron.

  14.) The pet Phoenix in Dumbledore's office is named Fawkes.

  15.) A dementor's kiss sucks your soul out from your body by passage of your mouth.

  16.) Snape became a spy for the good side, against Voldermort.

  17.) The last name of the Hogwarts Haedmaster before Dumbledore was Dibbet.

  18.) The magical creature that the Snitch is based on is called the Snidget.

  19.) The person who mails Harry Potter his father's invisibility cloak is Dumbledore?

  20.) Padfoot is Sirius Black's nickname.

  21.) Prongs is James Potter's nickname.

  22.) Moony is Remus Lupin's nickname.

  23.) Wormtail is Peter Pettigrew's nickname.

  24.) Professor Trelawny teaches Divination.

  25.) Albus Dumbledore taught Transfiguration before he became Headmaster.

  26.) The people who made the Mauraders map are: Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew,  
          Sirius Black, and James Potter.

  27.) The two people that gave the Mauraders Map to harry Potter were Fred and
          George Weasley.

  28.) The Whomping Willow was planted to keep students (or anyone else) from
          going into the Shriejking Snack while Remus Lupin was still in his transformed
          (werewolf) state.

  30.) Neville Lonbottom's parents were put in the Cruciodous Curse so long that they     
          got brain damage and can no longer recognize there son, Neville Longbottom.

  31.) The house that Roger Davis comes from is Ravenclaw.

  32.) The house that Dumbledore was from was Gryfinndor.

  33.) The current Deputy Headmistress at Hogwarts is Minerva McGonnagal.

  34.) Yes, Harry Potter's father did play Quidditch.

  35.) Harry Potter's owl's name is Hedwig.

  36.) Harry Potter's god-father is Sirius Black.

  37.) Voldermort's real name was Tom Mivera Riddle.

  38.) Winky is Bart Crouch Sr.'s house elf.

  39.) A Unicorn prefers a woman's touch.

  40.) Muggles are non-magical people.

  41.) Squibs are people that have no magic, but are born into a wizarding familiy.

  42.) "Mudbloods" are people with magical powers that are born in a muggle familiy.

  43.) The two people Harry Potter hans out with the most are Hermione Garnger, and
          Ronald Weasley.

  44.) The position that Harry Potter plays in Quidditch is Seeker.

  45.) The current Minister of Magic is Cornelius Fudge.

  46.) An animagus is someone who can fulle change into an animal, there is no time  
          limit to how long you can stay transformed.

  47.) Five animagi are Peter Pettigrew, Minerva McGonnagal, Sirius Black, James
          Potter, and Rita Skeeta.    

  48.) The color of the Hogwarts Express is red.  

  49.) The name of the pet owl Sirius Black gave to Ron Weasley is Pigwidgeon (Pig).

  50.) The class Snape really wants to teach is Defense Against the Dark Arts.

  51.) Voldermort was under Quirrels turban.

  52.) Ron's favorite Quidditch team is the Chudley Cannons.

  53.) Victor Krum is the Bugarian Natioinal Quidditch Team's seeker.

  54.) The two people that tied for the Tri-Wizard Tournament  were Cedric Diggory
          and Harry Potter.

  55.) Harry Potter got the scar on his forehead beacuse Voldermort's "Avada
          Kadvara" Curse rickashayed off Harry but it still left a mark.

  56.) The scar on Harry's forehead looks like a Lightining bolt.

  57.) Yes, the real Mad-Eye Moody is an Auora.

  58.) A Death-Eater is a follower of Voldermort.

  59.) Voldermort is bad.

  60.) The book the Harry Potter rides the Knight Bus is: Harry Potter and The
          Prisoner of Azkaban (Book 3).

  61.) At first Harry Potter thought Sirius Black in his transformed state was the Grim.

  62.) There are four houses at Hogwarts.

  63.) Four Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers are Quirrel, Lockhart, Lupin, and  

  64.) Fluffy is a three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to the Socerer's Stone.

  65.) Madame Maxime is the Headmistress of Beauxbatons.

  66.) Yes, a hippogriff can fly.

  67.) Two brooms that Harry Potter has owned or is currently owning are: the
          Nimbus2000 and the Firebolt.

  68.) The Socerer's Stone can turn any metal into gold, and produces the Elixer of      
          Life, that will make you immortal.

  69.) Hagrids pet dragon's name was Norbert.

  70.) Hagrid's first name is Ruebeus.

  71.) Azkaban is the most famous and guarded wizard prison (at least up to Book 4).

  72.) The two only known people to have escaped Azkaban are: Sirius Black, and
          Barty Crouch, Jr.

  73.) The guards in Azkaban are the Dementors.

  74.) No, a Dementor can not see you; it is blind.

  75.) Yes, Fed and George Weasley are identical twins.

  76.) Voldermort's pet snake is Nagini.

  77.) Yes, Fleur Delacour is part Villa.

  78.) No, Harry Potter is not friends with Draco Malfoy.

  79.) Harry Potter's mother is Lily Potter.

  80.) Three Unforgivable Curses are the Imperius Curse, the Cruciodious Curse, and
          the Avada Kadvara Curse.

  81.) The four champions (participents) in the Tri-Wizard Tournament are Victor Krum,
          Fluer Delacour, Harry Potter, and Cedric Diggory.

  82.) Yes, Harry Potter has used the Polyjuice potion.

  83.) The Wolfsbane potion lets a werewolf keep control when he/she transforms.

  84.) No, Lord Voldermort is not a pure-blood wizard.

  85.) The incantation you must say to perform a Summoning Charm is "Accio".

  86.) The main thing the Mandrakes did in Book 2 was heal the petrified victims.

  87.) Percy's girlfriend is Penelope Clearwater.

  88.) The person who Ron Wealey has a crush on in the 4th book is Fleur Dealacour.

  89.) The Bulgarian team mascots at the Quidditsch World Cup were Villas.

  90.) The Irish team mascots were Lepprechauns.

  91.) Harry's favorite Quidditsh team is the Chudley Cannons.

  92.) Madam Hooch usually referees Quidditch games at Hogwarts.

  93.) Oliver Wood plays the Keeper position in Quidditch.

  94.) At the Yule Ball, Hermione dances with Victor Krum.

  95.) At the Yule Ball, Dumbledore dances with Madame Maxime.

  96.) Muggle devices can't work at Hogwarts because there is to much magic.

  97.) No, you can not apperate or disapperate on Hogwarts grounds.

  98.) Dumberdore's favoorite type of music is Chamber Music.

  99.) No, James Potter did not like Severus Snape.

100.) The Hogwarts motto is: "Never tickle a sleeping dragon!"

  Okay if you even had enough time to get down here, here are your marks.
 Oh, and if you're cheating you'll never become a Harry Potter Master!  

50% - 0%   -- You are going to need a littlke work on Harry Potter, read the books,   
                              look at websites, think about Harry Potter. Soon you'll become an

70% - 51% -- Okay, you guys also need some work, but a little reading up on the
                              books will surely do the trick!

80% - 71% -- With a little work you can become a very respectabel Harry Potter   

90% - 81% -- Congradulations you're about the average Harry Potter fan!

94% - 91% -- You are an above-average Harry Potter fan!

99% - 95% -- You are the cream of the crop, an expert!

100%            -- Wow! You are a Harry Potter Master. I defenitly want to hear from  
                              you guys, please e-mail me. In fact  almost no one ever gets
                              100% on this test!!!                                                                                         

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