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Book 5

Fawkes will play a role in this book.

Fleur Delacour will become a teacher at Hogwarts, there have been many rumors that some student will teach at Hogwarts, well Fleur said: "I am trying to get a job here to improve my English."

Voldermort will rise to power again.

Harry Potter probably will not make a move on Cho Chang any time soon because he will be shy because she is probably still grieving about Cedric Diggory.

A big revelation will be made about Lily Potter.

We will find out why some people become ghosts and others do not, I personally think it has to do with the way people died.

The new wizarding world will be divided up into three sections:
                  1.) Followers of Lord Voldermort
                  2.) Against Lord Voldermort, but following Fudge.
                  3.) Against Lord Voldermort but following Dumbledore.

Hermione will become a Prefect.

Em4i4nem420 says:
       We will find out more about the real "Mad-Eye" Moody.

Em4i4nem420 says:
       Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (title confirmed in October 2000), or Book 5, will be   
        released somewhere between February and July 2002. Ms. Rowling and her publishers have    
       stated that Book 5 will most likely NOT come out at any time in 2001.

Em4i4nem420 says:
        Professor Lupin makes a return (cool, no?). Probably only a short appearance or mentioning,   

Em4i4nem420 says:
        We will learn more about the history of Lily Potter. (Psst, according to J. K. Rowling, her maiden   
        name is Evans!) Er, and maybe how her life went at home and at Hogwarts . . .?

Em4i4nem420 says:
        According to some sources, "older" and cherished characters will reappear in Phoenix.

Em4i4nem420 says:
       Hermione will be probably (rather, most likely) made a prefect.

Em4i4nem420 says:
       We will learn why Harry has to stay with the Dursleys' during the summer all the time . . . er, at  
        least parts of them . . . (We also learned partly of this in end of Book 4!)

Em4i4nem420 says:
        Hermione will possibly - though more than likely - become a prefect. (We knew this was coming,   
       didn't we?)

Em4i4nem420 says:
       Mrs. Figg (remember, the lady with the cats who takes care of Harry on Dudley's birthday) is  
       apparently, we assume, a witch. An "old crowder" from Dumbledore's posse, she may be of
       Harry's assistance in this book.

Em4i4nem420 says:
       The fabled Icicle, once thought as Ron's cousin but now a sinister character, may appear in this   
       book. That is, if she exists - it's said that J. K. Rowling let it be known that there is no Icicle, but  
       that isn't confirmed yet.
       We're pretty sure J. K. Rowling meant Ron's cousin as a character she had to cut out of the fourth
       book before its printing. We think this cousin will show up in Book 5, or possible Book 6.
Grimy 3002 says:
I In one of the up coming books, a girl named Ziara Adune comes to Hogwarts as a student transfering from Avalon Academy of Witchcraft,      Wizardry, and Temple (don't ask where I heard it from I can't remember). She is Supposedly bringing along with her some of her "friends", a Sarabie Snape (enemy of hers. She becomes gf to Draco (oh, YUCK!!!)), Diamond, De Ase, and Nuka Lupin (yep. from what I heard he had kids, They are animagi, too!); Nataru, Komo Shero, and Desara Pettigrew ( they're Muggle born). The weird thing is, is that Ziara's last name is "cut chort", so to speak. It's acually Ziara Albus Adune-Black. She's granddaughter to Dumbledore and Daughter to Sirius Black (strange twist, huh?) Ziara is supposed to teach HArry something useful, I can't remember what though. Ziara, Nataru, Diamond, and De Ase all have these crystals that work kinda like the Sorcerer's Stone. Its really freaky though. They are supposedly going to bring back James, Lily and Cedric around Halloween. FREAKY!!!!!!!!! I hope this might help, too. It's all supposed to happen in the FIFTH BOOK!!!!!!!!

Book 6

This book will be called Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch; I kind of think that this is highly unlikely.

Harry will be 16 years old.

We might learn about Harry's grand-parents.

Harry Potter will be much wiser so you know  we can expect more.

Em4i4nem420 says:s book's title is rumored to be Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch! Peter Scabbers) is supposed to come back when Harry finds the alleged Green Flame Torch that kills all evil and heals all good.

Em4i4nem420 says:s
       Fellow fan, King Toad, reports that he found out that Professor Quirrell's brother comes as a new        
       Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher (you know, I knew it would become a trend of loosing  
       DADA teachers . . .) and nobody likes him, "not even Malfoy." [Quirrell's brother] supposedly has
       come for revenge on Harry. Harry and Draco Malfoy become friends for a while, but, I guess,
       become enemies (AGAIN!!! ::is in a rage, for she adores Draco::) after "the big scary part."  
       CONTRADICTION We have a challenge to the above rumor! Please read as followed! Louisa C  
       says: <
Em4i4nem420 says:s
       >"Actually, it's not Quirrel's brother, but Lupin's. His name will be Romulus Lupin, (which would tye     
       in with the ancient Roman legend that Rowling got Remus Lupin's name from.) He will also be a  
       werewolf." *

Em4i4nem420 says:s
       Voldemort will still be around until the last book, since Harry reportedly tries to kill him (what an    
       ambitious little boy he is!) and fails, but I SERIOUSLY doubt Harry dies . . .
       Hermione may be injured in the hospital in this book and Harry & Ron go after Voldemort together     
      (may be tied in with the above rumor?). reports that he/she knows J. K. Rowling and she said one of Ron's   
      brothers will die. DO NOT TRUST THIS UNTIL CONFIRMED.
      Hermione will possibly - though more than likely - become a prefect. (We knew

Book 7

Harry will be 17 years old.

This book is supposed to be the most Dark, the scariest and the most fulfilling because Harry Potter and his friends will come of age.

J. K. Rowling said that we will get a sense of  satisfaction to what happens to all the characters after they finish Hogwarts,  the Characters who are still in Hogwarts, and the Characters who never went to Hogwarts.

Snape will somehow redeem himself.

Em4i4nem420 says:
      The possible title for this book is Harry Potter and the Forest of Shadows.
      Since "scar" is the last word in the book (supposedly; it may change), people are wondering if     
      Harry Potter may pass into the wizarding world. That is to say, if he might even come of age -   
       people are speculating that he may die!

Em4i4nem420 says:s
       Snape might fall in love! Ahem, I knew that already, huh? ::grins:: Click here to see what I mean.  
       (Snape may be "redeemed," too, but I don't know for what - besides maybe being a Death Eater).
       A BIG revelation is made about Lily Potter - maybe that Voldemort is Harry's real father? ::cough::   
      Too many people have said that for me not to say it. :-) But do I believe it? Nope.
       Obviously, most everyone knows Ms. Rowling has finished the last chapter of this book already -   
       and the last word is scar. Now that's a news flash. That's also sarcasm. :-)
       ** UPDATED: Sources say that this may change when Ms. Rowling reaches the seventh book -   
]     she said so herself.

Em4i4nem420 says:s
       I knew this already, but magic can not bring people back to life, so there will be no live James or    
       Lily Potter. ::cough:: That's living.

Em4i4nem420 says:s
       Hermione will most likely be named Head Girl. (Well! That's a given in itself! :-)) Harry might also    
       become Head Boy. (I'm not sure I believe this; it would kind of be a little cliched.)
       Harry and Draco might team up to fight an "evil force". Hmm, if this is true, maybe Draco's not   
       exactly following in his father's footsteps . . .? (I hope so, click here to read some things I wrote   
       about Draco.)

Em4i4nem420 says:s
       We find out J. K. Rowling's theory of why people can become ghosts in the series. In the words of    
       a good friend: "Oooh! Spooky!" (He is also famous on this site for saying repeatedly, "I didn't know   
       there was such a thing as Harry pot!")

Em4i4nem420 says:s
        Peter Pettigrew (aww, Scabbers, I thought you were just a cute, little, fat kind of rat!) returns.    
       ::wonders if any of her mom's thirty-six rats from a long time ago were magical::
        Lupin returns - this is supposedly confirmed by J. K. Rowling herself. He will have a bigger part     
        here than in Book 5, also. (The Book 5 appearance is probably to be minimal and fleeting, though,
        of  course, still important.)

Em4i4nem420 says:s
       It may not be Harry, Ron, or Hermione who becomes a Hogwarts professor - actually, it could quite    
       very well be Mr. Neville Longbottom! Apparently - I don't know if this is true or not - "Neville" means   
       absent-minded professor.