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**I found that if you really want to read all the summaries on this page (especially the Goblet of Fire) it is best if you just print the entire page, or a selection of what you want read.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Harry Potter is a boy who knows nothing about wizarding until one faithful day on Privet Drive. The Dursleys who tried to forgot about magic had their memory reawakened. Harry Potter, Petunia Potter Vernon's sister's son was left on their doorstep. Then 11 years past magic at 4 Privet Drive had all but been forgotten. Until letters showed up everywhere saying that Harry Potter was accepted at Hogwarts. Soon Hagrid picked up Harry and bought Harry's things and needs, and then gave him a ticket to Hogwarts. On the train to Hogwarts Harry made one friend, Ronald Weasly, and three enemies Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, and Gregory Goyle. Soon Harry settled in at Hogwarts and made another friend Hermione Granger. Harry Potter became the youngest Ouidditch player in 100 years when he was picked as seeker for the Gryffindor team after doing an amazing stunt on a broomstick to rescue Neville Longbottom's remember-all. Minerva McGonnagal decided that Harry was a natural seeker. Time went on pretty normally until the end of the book except for a couple things. Hagrid found a pet dragon called Norbert, Harry Potter gets an invisibility cloak, and Harry Potter finds the mirror of Erised. Then comes the climax of the book when we find out that the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher actually has Lord Voldermort with him and Harry nearly gets killed in an encounter with him as he tries to get Sorcerer's Stone Dumbledore manages to save Harry's life. And Harry finds out that he cannot learn why Voldermort tried to kill Harry's parents until he gets older.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The story beginnings with Harry Potter doing a lot of unfairly given work when he sees a pair of big eyes in the bushes. It turns out to be a house elf named Dobby. Dobby warns Harry not to go to Hogwarts, he said that terrible things would happen at Hogwarts. He said that Harry Potter was to precious to loose. The Dursleys find out in a twist of fate that Harry Potter cannot use magic out of Hogwarts. So the Dursleys lock him up in his room. And the Weaslys have to get Harry Potter free, and take him to Hogwarts. But the problem is Harry cannot get in to Platform 9 3/4 so Harry and Ron flew their on a car. They got in trouble when the crash landed into the Whomping Willow and Ron broke his wand. Hogwarts has a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Gilderoy Lockhart. Soon mysterious things happen in Hogwarts people are being stunned and petrified.. The Chamber of Secrets has been opened again this hasn't happen since 50 years ago in Hogwarts. An heir to Slytherin has opened the Chamber of Secrets so the old gang (Ron, Harry, and Hermione) think its Malfoy so they have to use the Polyjuice Potion to go into the Slythrein Dormitory as Crabbe and Goyal to question Malfoy. They find out that he is actually not the heir to Slytherin. Than later in the book Harry has to go INTO the Chamber of Secrets. Harry has to save Ginny Weasly. After he comes out of the Chamber in secret covered in Basilisk Blood. He managed to save Ginny Weasly. Dumbledore talked about the ordeal and gave Ron, and Harry 200 house points each. Than Dobby was let free and the book pretty much ends.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The book starts out when Harry Potter looses control and expands his Aunt, literally. So Harry runs away takes a ride on the Knight Bus. And he takes the Bus to Diagon Alley. Where Harry has a serious talk with Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic himself. Harry heads to school where he finds out that a highly dangerous criminal, Sirius Black. Well in the book Sirius Black breaks into Hogwarts the Gryffindors win the Quidditch Cup . It ends when Harry and Hermione time transport back in time two hours to save the actually innocent Sirius Black. The New Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher resigns and Ron gets a new owl.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry feels Voldermort getting very angry. This makes his scar hurt, Voldermort then kills a muggle. Harry had seen all of this in a dream before he woke up. Then Harry Potter gets a letter from the Weasly's, its an invitation to the Quidditch World Cup. Harry goes to the Ouidditch World Cup with the Weaslys and they meet another house elf named Winky. She tells them about how Dobby is doing and ewe find out that a lot of house elves like to be treated as slaves Hermione doesn't think its right and she stands up for the house elves. Then the party goes back to the tent, everyone goes to sleep then abruptly everyone is awakened Death Eaters or Voldermort's followers were cavorting with muggles. Someone fire up the Dark Mark. Then when Harry gets to Hogwarts there is a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher: Mad-Eye Moody. Dumbledore announces the Tri wizard Tournament. Two other schools will participate Durmstrang and Beuxabatons. Then there was the picking of the Tri-Wizard champion for Beuxabatons it was Fleur Delacour, for Durmstrang it was Victor Krum, and for Hogwarts it was Cedric Diggory, but then the Goblet of Fire spat out another champion Harry Potter. Everyone was stunned and everyone thought Harry had cheated to get his name in. Harry lost one of his friends for a while Ron who was extremely jealous thought Harry had cheated so he decide not to talk to him so now Harry had to hang out with Hermione. The First Task was a dragon Harry found out even though he wasn't supposed to from Hagrid. The champions had to get past a dragon and take a golden egg from its nest Harry got the hardest one a Hungarian Horn tail. Harry got past the Dragon by using a summing charm to get his broomstick (Firebolt), The egg had a clue for the second task it was a guide for what to do with help from Cedric Diggory Diggory Harry learns how to translate the egg's message (by putting it under water). But Harry still doesn't know a way to get past it in a way he neglects it when Harry's friends ask him how he's doing he lies and tells them he is almost done . So Harry is up all night before the second task thinking of a way to breathe under water, he does not find it. So in the morning Harry oversleeps and wakes up a few minutes before the second task begins. So Dobby has to step in he gives Harry a plant called Gilly Weed. It makes you have gills so you can breathe under water. Harry uses it immediately than dives in the Great Lake and begins his journey Harry cannot find the mer-people who have his most desired object. So he gets more help from Moaning Myrtle she tells him the way to go. He reaches the mer-people first but he wants to make sure that everyone gets back safely. So Harry watches Victor Krum get Hermione, than Cedric get Cho Chang but Fleur Delacour does not come so with much difficulty Harry brings Fleur's sister and Ron up to the surface Harry comes out far after the time limit but the judges think he showed moral ability so the gave him high marks (45 I think) and Fleur Delacour kisses Harry and Ron. Than comes the third task Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter are in a tie for first. Harry is working in hexes and jinxes. Than a month before the third task they found out what it was in the quidditch field it was a maze the champions will have to get to the Tri-Wizard Cup. The first one to touch it will be the winner. Suddenly Harry hears a scream it is Fleur Delacour she has been stunned. Than Harry hears another scream this time it is Cedric Diggory he was put under the Crociodous Curse by Victor Krum who turned out to be put under the Imperious Curse. But Harry stuns Victor Krum and frees Cedric than they go on. Harry saves Cedric's life by alerting him when a large spider is coming to attack him. So Harry does not get to the cup first but Cedric will not take it he says Harry deserves it but Harry says that Cedric deserves it so they both agree on to tie for it. But the cup turns out to be a portkey and they get transported straight to Lord Voldermort. Voldermort orders Cedric to be killed and he is. Harry can't believe just like that Cedric is murdered! Then Peter Pettigrew ties Harry to a steak and draws blood from him. This goes into a potion then Worm tail willingly chops off his left arm and adds it to the potion there is also some bones from Tom Riddle Sr. 's grave (Voldermort's father). Than Lord Voldermort is placed in the potion and he gets his body back once he is back he summons all his death eaters that are still alive and able to apperate or dissaporate to him. They come not all, but most. Than Voldermort Picks a wand (I'm not really sure if it is his) and uses it to make Wormtail a new arm, this one like a ghost and it is much stronger than a normal human's arm it is very powerful. Than Harry duels with Lord Voldermort! Voldermort wants Harry to bow to him but Harry will not so Voldermort puts the Imperious curse on Harry but in Mad Eye Moody's class Harry learns toi fight it so he does not bow Voldermort, now infuriated puts Harry in the Crucidous curse. Voldermort kicks off the dueling match with the Crucidous curse Harry is defenseless he screams and screams than Voldermort stops. And after that puts Harry in it again. Than Voldermort decides he has had enough and does the curse Harry was afraid of the unblockable Avada Kadvara curse. And Voldermort utters the feared incantation: "Ava Kadvara" Harry tries to counter attack with his best attack he says: Expiliarmus the two spells meet in midair and a very weird thing happens. It is called priori incantateum both spells met in midair. Than Harry and Lord Voldermort are lifted above everyone else and put in the air with a golden cage of light from the wands keep them in. than Harry forces the shaking feeling in the to wand go back and hit Voldermort. Voldermort's wand starts regenerating all its past spells the most recent ones first. First comes Worm tail's hand than Cedric Diggory, than Bertha Jorkins, than the old muggle, than Lily Potter, and than James Potter. They all give him advice and Cedric Diggory asks for his body to be brought back to Hogwarts. So than Harry Potter breaks the connection and dashes for the portkey the Death Eaters are firing stunning rays everywhere Harry dodges them but knows he'll never get there in time so he uses a summoning charm. The portkey comes zooming to him and he is sent back to Hogwarts. Hogwarts is in complete chaos and everybody is stunned that Cedric is dead. Dumbledore tells to stay there but a man takes Harry inside the castle even though Harry tells him Dumbledore said stay the man still takes him in the castle he finds out that it is Moody. In the room Moody confess everything to Harry how he put Harry 's name in the Goblet of Fire. How he Moody helped Harry by telling Cedric information that he told Harry. And how Harry's stupidity could have ruined all. Then Moody picks up his wand and is ready to kill Harry. But then Dumbledore to the rescue! Dumbledore stuns Moody and than finds out that this is really young Barty Crouch using the Polly Juice Potion. The real Mad-Eye Moody has been trapped in his own trunk and kept alive under the Imperious Curse. The real Moody goes up to the Hospital Wing. Than Snape gets a bottle of his strongest truth potion and Dumbledore
feeds it to Crouch Dumbledore than finds out that Crouch was smuggled out of Azkaban by his father. That Voldermort came to his house and set him free that young Crouch's father was linked to the death of Bertha Jorkins, that the plan was to turn the Tri-Wizard Cup into a portkey and that Voldermort has risen! So than Harry is taken to Dumbledore's office wear he is met by Sirius Black and Fawkes. Fawkes heals Harry's leg by crying on it and against Sirius's objections Dumbledore makes Harry tell the entire story again, about what happened after he touched the Cup. Than Harry is taken to the Hospital Wing and give a Sleep Potion. Harry does not drink it all. Than Harry is awakened by the voices of Cornelius Fudge and Professor McGonnaglal. Fudge brought a Dementor into the castle and it administered the kiss on young Crouch. Dumbledore was furious but so was Fudge. What a quarrel they had!! Dumblerdore said that Crouch could not now give testimony Fudge said he already knew everything Crouch was a raving Lunatic. Dumbledore said to remove Azkaban from the hands of the Dementors because they were Lord Voldermort's natural allies. Than Dumbledore said to make friends with the Giants to extend the hand of friendship before it was too late but Fudge disagrees for the THIRD time! So Dumbledore says that they have reached a Parting of the Ways and Fudge says he will be in contact with Dumbledore the next day to discuss the running of Hogwarts. This is wear the book ends not a lot of stuff happens next, he goes home Hermione kisses him and Harry goes home to the Dursleys, though Mrs. Weasley says Harry might be able to come over in the summer.